It all started ...

When I was first found by the House of Refuge (HOR) staff, I was an introverted young boy who had the saddest eyes that would drain the life out of one who looked into them. I lacked two things in my life,  hope and love. My mom has had around 7 children that I know about and many of my siblings have a different father. It's hard to keep track. My older brothers have been placed in jail numerous times due to stealing. My mom has always went from place to place, taking me and my two younger brothers along with her. I was never able to experience security. My mom always preferred my younger brother over me because he was lighter skinned than me. When the center had enrolled me into school, many times my mom would leave me at school. One time, I slept at the entrance of school because everyone had left and I didn’t even realize no one wasn’t around till it's was very dark outside.

Since I have been at the HOR, there have been people who look out for me. I am first of my class and I beg to go to school. It's hard sometimes for my teachers too keep up with me. When I finish the work they give me, I tend to get into innocent mischief. Me and my little brother live with my grandmother now, because my mom kind of just left us. I smile now and you can see my big dimple and I’m not afraid to let people in. Although still reserved at times, I will talk about things rather than live in my own little world. I have found a sense of hope for a brighter future!