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A necessary response to an urgent need


How our Program Works

The House of Refuge (HOR) exists so that children do not have to be emotionally and physically neglected by their irresponsible families. With help from sponsors like you, we work to keep families together by strengthening the family bond so that children remain in a nurturing home. 

For $30 a month (ONE SHARE), you join with other sponsors to provide help for a child and their dysfunctional family with their specific needs. Whether financial, social-emotional, or spiritual in order to become a whole and responsible family. 

A typical child needs about three sponsors (THREE SHARES) to be entered into our program in order to be completely sponsored. Each share goes toward food, medical care, psychological attention for both the child and mother, and educational/vocational costs. 

For $90 a month you can become a FULL SPONSOR for a child.
As a group of sponsors, you equip us as a Child Prevention Center with the ability to EMPOWER, IMPACT, and RESTORE the life of a vulnerable child and their family. 

How Your Sponsorship Changes Lives

Strengthen the family | Protect a child

HOR offers sponsors an easy, effective way to protect children and strengthen their families. We obtain this through a holistic, multidimensional fashion:



You can change the life of a child forever


Right Away|

You will receive a special welcome email that includes photos of your sponsored child, information about their family situation, and introduction to the child's care team here at the HOR.

Staying Up-to-date|

You will receive a monthly email about your child and their progress here at the center. At least every three months, you will have included within the update a recent child photo and a scanned personal drawing and/or letter from your child. You'll be able to celebrate their milestones, share in their struggles, and feel the joy when they have a safer, nurturing home life.


"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."



Keep It Personal|

We will make it easy for you to send a Christmas greeting with a voluntary Christmas present for your child. You will receive an annual Christmas photo-style Card. It is HOR's goal for you, as the sponsor, as well as the child, to have a personal easy-flow method of communication.


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