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I am a boy of 11 years. I currently live with my great-grandmother who is 82 years old. She has raised me since I was a baby. I suffer from mental and psychological problems and sometimes randomly just walk in the streets. My father abandoned me because of his drug addiction. I know this and it sometimes bothers me.

My family has limited economic resources but we survive on the pension that my great-grandmother receives from the government on a monthly basis, but it really isn't much. 

I was sent to the House of Refuge because my great-grandmother is concerned about my future. I have been found to accept cigarettes from the bad influences that I am often around. I have occasionally not even come home at nights. My great-grandmother is afraid that I will start getting into trouble and one day become a criminal. She has asked the House of Refuge for help. She knows there is still Hope for my future and wants that I find Refuge in a place of like the center rather than the streets filled with drugs and alcohol.