It all started when...

I am a teenager that is going through many changes in my life. My older sister was abused by my father and sent away to a protection home. I have not seen my father much since that happened. Since this time I have had to assume many responsibilities of the family. My mother has to work in order to keep things going for us. She doesn’t act as a mother would because many times she blames us children for not doing what we should. When I didn’t get good grades on my report card, my mom told me it was better that I had never been born. It hurts many times when my mom says these things. I act out many times in anger because of this home and family conflict. I am fighting rebellion.

Since coming to the House of Refuge, there have been people available to talk with me and counsel me. Many times I have went to Sister Bettina and talked to her about my home problems. This helps me feel like someone is there for me whenever I need someone to confide in and pray for me. I have a kind and big giving heart and I know that God wants to use me. Please pray for me and my home life that we could have a whole and healthy family as God designed it and discover my purpose.