I am a sweet, playful little diva of 6 going on 18. When it comes to anything girly, I love it. I love to play with babydolls and barbies. At school I am doing well, but there are times I still like to talk like a baby. Whenever I see new people I am generally very open and loving, always giving out hugs and bright smiles.

My mom used lesbian and involved in the illicit sex trade and has a hard time showing me the true love I desire from her. When it comes to taking responsibility, mom doesn’t like to take it. My older sister takes care of me many times because my mom tells her to. Mom has worked as a prostitute many times because she would rather do this than be held down to a job. I really wish my mom would watch after me more and guide me through life, but that parent figure lacks in my life.

Since being at the House of Refuge (HOR), I have found a place of peace I can go to and caring caregivers who show me that I matter. My tutor at the HOR helps me with my homework and cares for me with love. The Social Coordinator visits our house often, counselling my mom about my specific risks. Through the therapies and counselling of the whole team at the HOR, my family is receiving the help they need, in a very desperate time. They prevented me and my sister from being left to the streets and virtually raising ourselves.

Please pray for my mom that God would heal her and fill her deep needs and become a responsible, loving mother that cares after me and my sister. I really wish to know more about the Jesus that I see so many serve at the HOR, but I have yet to make the decision to surrender all to Him. Thank you for caring enough to sponsoring me and making an impact in my life. I hope to hear from you soon in letters and emails.