It all started when...

I am a 9-year-old boy. My mother has never attended school and doesn’t know how to read. She has looked towards alcohol and prostitution for an escape. My going to school is not very important to her and there have been years I never went. When I have gone to school, she isn’t there as most moms are, making sure I go when I don’t want to. There are so many people that come and go in our small tin, wood makeshift and dirt- floor home, I do not even know them all. My aunt and two cousins sleep in the same one room house. My teenage cousin used to play with me and touch me in places I didn’t like. It made me feel uncomfortable. 

Many times I stay out in the streets of my home running around without shoes looking for things to do. I do what I want because my mom doesn’t make me do anything. There are times my mom doesn’t have money for me and my older brother to eat and the pain of hunger can be so strong. My big brother has never known his father and my mom isn’t really sure who his father is. I have never known my father either.

Since I have been in the House of Refuge, there has always been food available for me and my older brother. They have people who make sure I go to school and do my homework. I do not have as much time to run around in the street like before. They intervened for me when my cousin was messing around with me and now it doesn’t happen. My mom she’s very shy and doesn’t like to look people in the eye. She has been hurt and beaten down by life, that she has a hard time defending and expressing herself. The House of Refuge is giving her parenting classes and the psychologist has a weekly session with her and they have parenting classes monthly. Thank you for making it possible for me to find a place of refuge and where I can grow in the love of Christ.