I am a strong willed little boy.  Even though I’m on the short side, I have shown surprising strength. When I smile, I tend to win everyone over because I have the cutest little dimple. Recently I have lost some teeth in the front, so this adds to my overall cuteness.

My mom has had 4 children that are known of and all have been by different men. She many times has had me help her with grown up tasks, like selling in the streets. I have had to wash my own laundry and watch after my little baby brother. My mom has many times left the house without telling us. This leaves me scared and frightened, because I don’t know where she is going and I am left alone with my brothers. Many responsibilities are laid on me as a young boy that is 8.

Thankfully I have had the House of Refuge here for me. They have made sure I went to school and completed last year. I have received love and care from people who let me be a kid. I love coming to the center.