I am a tall, slender girl of 11 years who is quiet at first but deep down I have a well of energy waiting to burst out. When it is time for class and study time, I easily comply to all the instructions of my tutors. My sweet disposition with my shy, gentle conduct is only for a time. Once I get to know people, I start to shine with my winning smile.

My uncles are drug addicts and sometimes come around me at my home. My stepfather gets drunk I get scared that he might try to hurt me. My mom is very caring, but she struggles with providing the basic needs for me and my older brother. There are times we don’t eat and as a result of this I am underweight and malnourished for my age and height.

Since I have been coming to the House of Refuge, I have had a medical exam and have been receiving special nutritious meals every day. The social coordinator visits and counsels my mom about my step father and uncles by making her aware of the risks of me being hurt when they are under the influence. My mom feels far more secure and at ease knowing that I am receiving love and care at the House of Refuge, and our family is on its way to a healthy new beginning. Thank you for your continued prayers for my family.