I am a 9 year old very strong willed young man. It’s not often that I like being told what to do. I can not live with my mom because she has an abusive partner that doesn’t like me. This affects me as a young boy. I have been known to hit girls. It seemed like a part of life because that’s what I saw happen to my mom. Anger management and defiance is something that I struggle with. If you don’t watch me carefully, I will have outsmarted you before you know it. I love to work with my hands and explore new things.

Before coming to the House of Refuge, I had never really heard of Jesus. There have never been very good role models in my life. Since being here, my mom has been able to open up about her being abused and is working with the psychologist. She has gained the self-esteem to leave a damaging relationship. Here there are people that show me patience and compassion. They believe at HOR that I have strong leadership qualities and I will really be someone great one day. I hope I can be great one day.