I am a mischievous little boy, 5 years old. When people see me, they can not help but love me because I am a happy little bundle of joy that is outgoing and always looking for something new to explore. Acting may be my future career because I have been known to mimic my caretakers to the T and this makes for a grand show for all at the House of Refuge. I am not in school because my mom never enrolled me and now I am behind in my studies. I suffer from a severe chronic anemia. Because of this I have had to receive blood transfusions. My anemia problems seem to present themselves when my family life is in an uproar. My mom has been involved in prostitution and my dad is an alcoholic. Many times my mom and dad fight and they yell at us kids. When they would do that, we many times would run away to the streets. The social services threatened to take us away if my parents did not become better. This really caught their attention and social services said they should send me and my older brother to the House of Refuge if they wanted to keep us. My aunt and her 3 children also live with us, so things are a little crowded in our house.

Since coming to the House of Refuge, my tutor helps me by giving me educational reinforcement classes and caring for me with love. I receive medical care when needed and they monitor for my anemia. Special meals are provided for me in order to help combat my anemia. The Social Coordinator visits our house often counselling my mom about my specific risks and issues present in our home. She also talks to my dad when he is sober. Through the therapies and counselling of the whole team, my family is receiving the help they need and in a very desperate time. They prevented me and my big brother from being left to the streets and virtually raising ourselves.

Please pray for my mom and dad that God would heal them and fill their deep needs, so that we may become a whole, loving family that cares after me and my brother. I really wish to know more about the Jesus that I see so many serve at the House of Refuge, but I have yet to make the decision to surrender all to Him. Thank you for caring enough to sponsoring me and making an impact in my life. I hope to hear from you soon in letters and emails.