I am a sincere natured, playful little boy of 5 years. I love watching after my little brother, who is 4, but when I don’t have to do this I like to play soccer and color in coloring books. I do not make a lot of fus except with my little cousins who I live with. I am not going to school currently because my mom didn’t get me registered in time. Now I am behind and they will not accept me till next year. Until then, I am taking educational reinforcement classes to keep me current with my studies so I do not fall behind.

Mom tries to take part of my life, but sometimes she interested more in her life than mine. She has been known to be a part of prostitution as well as my aunt who we live with. My two brothers, my aunt and her two children, we all live in the same house. My uncle who also lives with us is often in a drunken stupor.  When he is drunk he hits and yells at us. My mom is hardly ever home because she is always working. There are times when she is home and it's a weekend that she will get drunk too. In these moments, me and my brothers are left to the streets to wander around.

My aunt plays favorites and I am not one of them. Many times I am the one to blame for things that happen. My aunt’s two younger sons know this and many times will say I’ve done things I never did. I have no one to defend me and I am always “the problem child.”

My tutor at the House of Refuge helps me by giving me educational reinforcement classes and caring for me with love. The Social Coordinator visits our house often, counselling my aunt and my mom, when she is around, about my specific risks. She has talked to my uncle when he has been sober.

Please pray for me and my family, I really wish to know more about the Jesus that I see so many serve at the House of Refuge, but I have yet to make the decision to surrender all to Him. Thank you for caring enough to sponsoring me and making an impact in my life. I hope to hear from you soon in letters and emails.