I am a bright and very delightful young girl to be around. I am one that is always seen hugging and smiling. My mom used to be a prostitute. She has been working on herself and changing that lifestyle. Mom has had several children and most by different men. She is still improving her life and now has a job making tortillas. I hope that she continues to do well for our family’s sake.

Because of me having such a sweet disposition and coming from very poor economical means, many other children tend to make fun of me. When I came to the center, I had very bad lice. Even though they are gone, people every now and then still call me “Lice-girl.”

I am always the one getting prizes for my good behavior. My big, warm heart is very evident  and I know that one-day God will use me greatly. When there is church service for kids, I am the first to be found singing! I love to sing and be in church. Being in the House of Refuge, has given me great opportunities to grow and be more than what I ever thought possible. To think, this is just the beginning of great things in store for my life. I have much more life to live

{ You save a man you save a soul, but you save a child and you save a life }