Jan Carlos



I am a 9-year-old who loves and craves attention. I don’t get much attention from my family. I have a great personality. I love to play and make jokes and people love it. I love to sing and participate in the plays that the House of Refuge (HOR) have in the center. At one time, my parents beat me so hard that they left marks on me. The psychologist at the HOR talked with my mom and told her to promise not to hit me so hard again and explained how to discipline me with love.

In my home, there are drugs and other illicit practices that go on. Sometimes right in front of me. I live with many family members, to include my cousins and aunts. So many other people come around that I don’t even know them all. One time a homosexual cousin of mine who was older than me did things to me I didn’t like. When me and my cousin told the psychologist, our mothers were shocked.Thankfully it has not been going on since the intervention of the HOR. I am thankful that the HOR has been there to make sure I am safe and that my family are taking better care of me. I am always up early and excited to come to a place that is like a second home. I know I am loved and I love to hear about Jesus’ price He paid on the cross for me. Me and my family are truly being empowered, impacted, and restored.