I am 11 years old and I love to play football. I am easy to please too. Many times, I come and go from the center without many knowing because I don’t make any trouble. I observe more than I talk, but I do have my moments when I can make a fuss.

My mom’s boyfriend she has currently is not my father. However, since he has recently   been incarcerated, my biological father has been coming around more. My dad isn’t someone I am so close to. When he is around, he usually drinks and consumes drugs. Mom tries to take part of my life but sometimes she is more interested in her life than mine. Her and my grandmother are worried I will follow my dad’s influence and be like him when I grow up. No purpose for life and not contribute to society.

Since being in the House of Refuge, I have found people who take interest in me. There are people here who show they care for me. My mom has been coming to the parenting classes and psychologist sessions. These seem to help her to think and know how to take better care for me. I like my friends at the House of Refuge.  I know here I have more opportunities to be someone great for Jesus! Please keep me and my broken family life in your prayers.