I am a 13 year old young man who is very sincere and rich of heart. I do not make trouble anywhere I go. I am very easy going. My mom has had 4 children that we know of and we all have different fathers. None of which are in our lives. She is expecting another child soon. She many times has had me help her with grown up tasks, like selling in the streets. I have had to wash my own laundry, sew my own clothes, and watch after my two smaller brothers. I know if I don’t, no one will. My mom, many times will leave the house to go to a party without telling me. This leaves me scared and frightened because I don’t know where she is and I am left alone with my brothers. I feel that a part of my childhood has been lost because of the large burdens I have.

Since being at the House of Refuge (HOR), there has been someone there to help look out for my best interests. Someone there to counsel me through the tough times with my mom. When my teeth were cavity decayed because of my mom only giving me candy and chocolate when I was little because it was easier for her, the HOR saw that I got them filled and taken care of. The HOR was there to tell my mom that I could not as a young man take on so many burdens and task. I wasn’t attending school before I entered the center, but now I am attending school and I make great grades. Please continue to pray for me and my family that God would save my mother.