I am a 9-year-old girl who has striking energy and is quite intellectual in school. On my last report card, I received all A’s. Though I attend school, many times I have to be responsible to make myself go. My mom doesn’t make me go to school, she is either working or when she's home, she’s sleeping. My older sister was abused by my father, which was her stepfather. Since then, our family has been broken and they don’t like me to see my dad. For some time, I never saw my sister. She was taken away somewhere by the social services.

My mom does what she can, but many times I go around and do what I want. For this reason, I can sometimes be rebellious and back talk those in authority. I haven’t really had consistent authority figure in my life. There’s been times I didn’t go to school because no one made me. Mom never knows when I don’t go. When my caregiver in the House of Refuge (HOR) went to ask my teacher how I was doing in class, everyone found out my secret.

I do have a good quality of being kind and giving. I like to share what I have with people. I got this quality from my mom. She likes to give. Giving to others and having a big heart is something that will take my far in life.Thankfully the HOR is there to help me to learn to use how to use this quality.

Since I have been at the HOR, they have been working with my mom seeing that she is making sure my other older sister, my little brother and I attend school. They make sure I don’t go around in the streets alone because that’s where bad things can happen to unattended kids. We also have steady meals. My mom loves to have an adult to talk to, so she loves the psychologist lessons they give. We are learning to be a better family and I am learning to respect authority. They are empowering us to be a better family, are impacting us to achieve more, and restoring us by showing us the love of Christ.