I am 9 years old and I am a loving and caring big brother to two little sisters. When there are church services, I am one of the first to participate and respond. One time in particular I was crying and I didn’t know why. My caretakers explained to me that it was the presence of God and that He had His hand upon my life. I went to hug my mother, who was holding my baby sister of 3 months and she started crying too.

My dad was incarcerated for stealing. Mom doesn’t seem to really miss him because she works a lot and has had a baby by another man since my dad has been in prison. I can’t live with my mom because she sleeps where she works. So I live down the road at my grandmother’s house, which is a dirt floor and tin/wood makeshift house. Sometimes when it rains really hard water will come in and gets a lot of things wet. My two younger sisters look up to me and I make sure and take care of them. You will see me carrying my youngest little sister on my back as we walk down the muddy streets. Even at a young age I take many of the responsibilities for myself. I make sure to get myself ready for school even when no one tells me to.

Since being at the House of Refuge, my mom has been receiving parenting classes, psychologist therapies and counselling. This seems to help her think more about us kids. My family doesn’t have a lot of finances to feed all of us all the time, but at the center we eat every day except Sundays. My tutor at the House of Refuge helps me with my homework and cares for me with love. Please pray for me. I know God has His hand on me and is going to use me to be a big worldchanger for Jesus.