I am the baby of the family and everyone knows it. At the age of 5 and with my sweet curious nature, I attract the attention of all those around me. It’s easy for me to gain friends and trust people. I have started my first year of preschool this year and I am learning to share and to tell my other classmates I’m sorry and to forgive me. The art of asking for forgiveness I am learning very well. I easily share with my other friends.

My mom has had around 7 children that people know of and practically all of them have different fathers, so it's hard to keep track. My older brothers have been placed into jail numerous times due to stealing. My mom always went from place to place, taking me, my older brother, and my baby brother along with her. I was never able to experience security and stability. My elderly grandmother has recently taken me and my older brother in because our mom kept leaving us random places. When my psychologist asks me if I miss my mom, I tell her yes. I want to be with my mom, but she hit me a lot when I was with her. So I know I can’t be with her.

Since I have been in the House of Refuge, I have felt a sense of security and love from all the people here. I feel free to explore new things, and every day there is something new to discover. My mom came by to see me one time and I was happy to see her, but I quickly ran to my caretakers to find shelter. Please remember me in your prayers as I grow into a future world changer for Jesus.