I am a sweet quiet little girl of 5 years who has a stubborn strong will that has not been guided throughout my life.  One thing that I love to do… miraculously enough… is CLEAN! I will clean, organize, and sort anything until it is left sparking and in order. My caregiver at the House of Refuge many times will just set back and watch in amazement as I organize and clean things without being told. What is even more amazing is that I do it gleefully.

My family situation is hard since my dad was put into prison because of violently stealing from people. He was given 6 years but they say he may get out sooner for good conduct. My mom, since then has been with another man and has had another baby, my little sister. Now there are 4 of us in the family, 1 boy and 3 girls. I can’t live with my mom because she sleeps where she works. So I live down the road at my grandmother’s house, which is a dirt floor and tin/wood makeshift house. Sometimes when it rains really hard, water will come in and get a lot of our things wet. My two younger sisters look up to me so I make sure to help take care of them.

Since being at the House of Refuge (HOR), my mom has been receiving parenting classes and psychologist therapies and counselling. This seems to help her think more about us kids. My family doesn’t have a lot of finances to feed all of us all the times. At the HOR we eat every day except Sundays. My tutor at the HOR helps me with my homework and cares for me with love, even though I protest a lot about it.

Please pray for me. I know God has His hand on me and is going to use me to be a big world changer for Jesus. As HOR help mold and guide this strong will of mine, I know there are many great things I can do when I grow up.