Fulfilling their Vision

ALMI Training Center in San Ramon, Nicaragua, to the congregation of Faith Assembly in Texarkana, Arkansas.  Pastor Brian McDonald had prepared the church by casting the vision of them completing a project on the mission field in 2018.  After I concluded the presentation Pastor Brian took about ten minutes and raised over $10,000 to build the girl’s dorm.

We began the dormitory, restrooms and showers in late March.  Throughout a very difficult year of civil unrest our local construction crew kept the project going forward.  Slowly, throughout the summer the project took shape and funds were allocated as the pledges came in.

This weekend I will take a team from Faith Assembly and they will put the finishing touches on the project.  As they paint and do some finish plumbing and carpentry their hands will be put to the completion of a vision their pastor cast eleven months ago.  From vision casting to the reward of completion, it has been a fulfilling journey to watch this mighty church follow the lead of their pastor and make a difference on the mission field.

Jim Setser

International Director, ALMI


Celebrating 10 years!

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Celebrating 10 years!

On October 4th, 2008 we held our first youth rally at the main church in Matagalpa, officially launching the youth ministry of Abundant Life Missions International in Nicaragua.  That evening I began to cast our vision to a packed house of spiritually hungry young men and women with the message, “Let Us Go and Fetch the Ark.”  I reminded the young people that King David belonged to a generation that had grown accustomed to not having the presence of God since the time when the Ark had been taken from them.  They had not even enquired about it during Saul’s reign (1 Chronicles 13:3).  Nevertheless, once David had become king, he purposed in his heart to go up and retrieve the Ark and bring it back to the people of God.  After a first attempt which resulted in failure due to his lack of understanding on the proper way to carry the Ark, David discovered that in order to have the presence of God one must follow God’s specified instructions, otherwise the effort would be unfruitful.  With this I declared that we would be a generation to follow God’s Word and allow His presence to fill our lives and our churches.  Since that evening ten years ago, great numbers of young people have partaken of this vision and have experienced the joy and the wonder of the presence of God.  That has made all the difference. 

It was a short time thereafter that we made plans for a Youth Convention; a general convocation for the youth in our mission.  We chose the theme, “Special Forces; Operation Rescue”, and in January 2009 we kicked it off with a parade through the city and up the mountain to the church.  That parade of approximately 120 young people is forever etched in our minds and hearts as a truly historic moment.  A few months later we invited our youth back for a Leadership Conference and we were then fully immersed in making disciples.  There was rapid growth among the youth in our mission churches, and this presented us with a forthcoming problem/opportunity:  We would soon need larger facilities to host our national activities.  One outhouse would just not do it!   We were delighted to seize this opportunity to cast another aspect of the vision that God had given us for the youth, namely, to build a youth camp.  I am glad to report that our youth caught this vision as well.  They desire to be a generation committed to the Great Commission.  In April of 2013 the Lord answered our request and blessed ALMI with a beautiful and immensely spacious property near the city of Matagalpa.   We are currently building suitable facilities which will comprise our training center for the Great Commission. 

It certainly would be in order to give a detailed report on all that has taken place over the last ten years:  21 national activities;  Friday night discipleship services in my garage; radio broadcasts; Bible School trainings; and so on, but I also could sum it up in the following manner: It has been unspeakable joy to witness countless young men and women fall in love with Christ, experience His presence, receive direction for their lives and ministries, and commit themselves to the Great Commission.  Indeed, now our disciples are making disciples, and this dynamic is propelling us to the future with great expectancy.  Recently there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding Nicaragua’s future due to the civil unrest that the country has experienced.  Whatever the future holds for the country, I have full confidence in the Holy Spirit to continue the work that He has begun in our young people.  I also believe in our young people; I know them and their commitment to be a generation that cherishes the presence of God. 

Upon ascending the throne, King David could easily have chosen to lead his people by maintaining the status quo and a national religious life without the presence of God.  But, he was determined to experience the glory of God.  In Acts 13:36 the Bible tells us that David left a legacy in that he “served his generation.”   We must also have that same determination.  We cannot be indifferent to the task before us.  We can be the vessels through which the presence of God reaches this generation!   


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Missions Boot Camp/Missionary Apprenticeship Program

Missions Boot Camp 2018 may very well have been one of our most exciting ever. Every year brings new students from different backgrounds with varying degrees of ministry experience. This year’s students included several former Boot Camp students, some with short term missions experience; one student who completed last year’s Missionary Apprenticeship Program; and our first ever adult couple. What was perhaps the most exciting though, was the number of students we had, who have been Christians for a very short period of time, but who are absolutely burning with desire to grow in Christ and to minister His gospel. The growth we saw in all of our students during this year’s one week of Missions Boot Camp was amazing!

Missions Boot Camo.jpg

The theme for Boot Camp this year was “My Destiny”. The emphasis was “How to Receive and Understand Your Calling”. The students were blessed to hear testimonies from Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries,  an Outreach Pastor, a Youth Pastor, a Christian School Principal, and a Church secretary. Ministry takes place on many levels and in many places, all necessary and all important. Boot Camp students left this year with a special appreciation for that fact.

It is going to be exciting to see how this special group breaks out of ministry boxes to change the world they live in!

Plans are underway now for Missionary Apprenticeship Program 2019! Keep watching our future blogs and social media posts for updates.

Pastor Greg Bond



Summer in Alaska

The first of September marks five years since we arrived here in Alaska, and we sense that we are in season of harvest! A lot has changed in our family as well as the ministry that God has called us. We confess that it hasn’t always been easy. However in these time, we have considered the call of God. We remembered to not be weary in well doing and that we would reap if we faint not.  We knew that if we were patient and consistent in planting seeds, God would give a harvest.

We are so grateful that each year, God has given us souls for His glory! We are extremely excited to report that we have been in a special season of harvest. We have continued to plant the seeds, and the last few months have been so encouraging as we sense God drawing many to Himself! We had our very first VBS in July, and it was a huge success! We had forty kids in attendance throughout the week with five giving their hearts to the Lord! We also had many in the church step up and become involved in ministering to these kids! In August, the ladies in church also gathered school supplies and helped forty five  elementary students with school supplies. Just in the last few months, eight individuals have made the decision to follow Christ and five were baptized in water! We are so excited to be apart of the last day harvest!

IMG_2303 (1).jpeg



Alaskan Review


            I recently just returned home from a trip to Alaska. I went there to help in any way possible. I mainly worked with the children in Children’s Church and I had an amazing time! Sis. Vicki and Bro. Jared along with their family were so welcoming and inviting. They have an amazing vision for Delta Junction and I was privileged to a part of that vision for just a little while. I am excited for the future and what God has planned for my life! Thank you for reading and I appreciate all of your prayers and support for the future.


Kelsie Farmer



Belize & Guatemala

It was such a privilege to get to visit the Abundant Life churches in Guatemala and Belize and encourage the churches there! Shelby Lawson accompanied me on the first part of the trip, and she was a great help making puppets and designing puppet stages to leave with the churches in Belize. 

Some young people from our mission in Nicaragua came to help me on the last part of my trip: Jaime, one of my Colombia team members, his sister Valeska, and cousin, Yorling. They were not only a great help and blessing to me and the churches in Guatemala and Belize, but it was also a blessing for them to have a break from the current political situation in Nicaragua for a couple weeks. I believe they will go back to their church refreshed and recharged.

On the trip I was able to minister in 19 services at eight churches and a school. At the school, Shelby and I presented the Gospel through a Kekchi translator to indigenous children who had most likely never heard it or been in a church service. At a kids’ service in San Juan, several unchurched adults arrived to bring their kids, and God opened the door to share the Gospel with them and explain how to have a relationship with Christ. I also had the opportunity to be on the radio in Guatemala and share a testimony of how God blessed a college project I did and miraculously allowed me to purchase and send 2,000 Bibles to Nicaragua. It had been one of my secret desires to share that miracle on the radio in Latin America, and the Lord fulfilled it!

Also on this trip, we were able to visit the churches in Belize on two occasions, and saw how God is really moving there among the young people! We had a special service dedicated to seeking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the youth all came forward to seek. The Holy Spirit fell on our Nicaraguan young people, and they spoke in tongues and shouted more than I’ve ever seen them before. I believe God used them to be examples for the youth in Belize so they could see the Holy Spirit moving on other young people and want it for themselves. I’m thankful for the opportunity we had to visit and experience what wonderful things God is doing in Belize and Guatemala!


Amber Fouts




In just over one month from now we will open our doors and hearts to“It’s Pentecost XXIII” camp meeting (October 3-4-5 &7).For the twenty-third consecutive year we will focus on the necessity of the tangible touch of the Holy Spirit on our lives, in order to become a Last Day Harvester.

All of our ALMI international board members and missionaries will be in attendance, along with pastors, evangelists and missionaries from harvest fields around the world.  We will be challenged by the camp meeting worship and prophetic words of our ministers.

Plan now to attend! For more information visit or call 937-855-7334.

James A. Setser






On Wednesday, March 14 our small team made the 3.5-hour drive from Valledupar, Columbia into the northern high desert to visit an indigenous tribe where ALMI Missionary, Amber Fouts has opened a work among them.

This area is true desert made up of cactus, thorn bush, sand…lots of windblown sand, along with the prerequisite 100+ degree temperatures. We got the girls (Amber & Jennifer Norman) settled into the little mission house Amber has had constructed and I went to the indigenous hostel about 200 yards through the bush.  By the way, neither the mission house nor the hostel had running water or electric.

 That afternoon I had the distinct honor of presenting Abundant Life Missions International to this band of the tribe and one other.  I presented to them our organizational structure, doctrine and operational procedures. I was received well by the elders, they listened intently, and asked appropriate questions. 

 That evening I was scheduled to preach an open-air service.  Over 130 people showed up for church, coming on foot, bicycle, moto, and pickup truck.  Amber led praise & worship, Jennifer did personal work and I preached.  We had over a dozen come forward to receive Christ and we prayed for the sick for nearly an hour.  It was a tremendous evening for the kingdom.

 Thursday morning the elders asked for a Bible Study and I taught on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Afterwards the elders expressed interest in bringing the tribe into the mission.  I promised future meetings with them before our team departed.

Amber has done a meaningful work among the tribe.  The indigenous people are hungry for the Gospel and future discipleship.  ALMI has a great door open to minister.  Pray for Amber and the teams she will be taking in the future to this forgotten desert of Columbia, S.A.

Drive through the town Market

Drive through the town Market

Village Elder

Village Elder



James A. Setser

International Director





A Busy Week for ALMI

This week we have several teams on the field. Our teams will be in Belize, Columbia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.  I ask our supporters to hold them up in prayer.

▪ Pastor Butler; Missionaries Greaves, Eaton, and Simpson; & Pastor Setser are in Guatemala & Belize this weekend for an ALMI Minister’s Conference.

▪ R. Coldiron, M. Comley, H. Greaves, A. Mann, & R. White will be in Nicaragua next week working on the House of Refuge children’s home. These men will be doing much needed repairs to our plumbing and adding ceiling fans to the school rooms.

▪ Nate & Hannah Didier are in Belize & Guatemala this weekend, & Nicaragua next week, filming for ALMI!These young people are traveling at their own expense, gathering media to better tell the ALMI story to our supporters.

▪ Pastor Setser, Neil Simpson, Amber Fouts & Jennifer Norman will be in Columbia next week ministering to two tribes in the high northern desert, and one association of churches in the city of Vallledupar.




Stay Engaged

I just finished reading this morning about Isaac following the death of Abraham.  The story can be found in Genesis 25.  There I found where God blessed Isaac greatly, actually giving him a one-hundred-fold harvest increase.  As a result, he became very great and had many possessions.  It is always in the hands of the Lord to bless and prosper whomever and whenever He desires.  However, there was yet another step for Isaac, that of experiencing God for himself.  He had always enjoyed God’s blessing because he was Abraham’s son, but now he needed a personal relationship with the Lord.

Genesis 25:24 informs us that God appeared to him one night.  There He renewed His vow to bless Abraham’s seed.  Isaac made a commitment at that moment to worship the Lord, and built an altar.  This is the first time we find that Isaac called upon the name of the Lord.  There his servants dug a well and found water.  Isaac decided to stay there, and the Lord gave him peace with those who caused him trouble.

I would like to encourage our missionaries to stay engaged in the work of the Lord.  Who knows, this may be the year the Lord sends a hundred-fold harvest in your ministry.  Keep digging wells.  Keep worshipping the Lord.  He is aware of your sacrifice and labor, and He has promised to be with you.  “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord” (I Cor. 15:58).



MAP Testimonial- Cherith Odom

            It has been a few months since I completed the Missionary Apprenticeship Program and I’m grateful to say that during the four months of that program I received just what I was looking for. I was looking for answers, for direction. I knew with my whole heart that I wanted to be involved in ministry, but I wasn’t sure how or where the Lord wanted me to serve.

            During the Nicaragua portion of the MAP program the Lord began to deal with me about the young ladies of Nicaragua.  I started praying about the burden I felt and for the right door to be opened. I talked to Kelsie Farmer, another MAP student, about what the Lord was speaking to me about, and she shared that the Lord was leading her in the same direction. After talking and praying about what our ministry could be we decided to move forward and talk with our leaders. We sat down with them and shared our hearts and our vision. We explained that we would have a lot to learn, but that we were willing to do so in order to grow the Kingdom of God.

            I’m so excited! Kelsie Farmer and I will go this summer to start this new ministry with the young ladies of Nicaragua. We will start building relationships and ministering with the long term goal of making disciples and fulfilling the Great Commission. Thank you for partnering with me and supporting me as I expand my borders.




ALMI Alaska

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What can I do?” We all have at one point in our lives. Maybe you feel as if you don’t have the talent that you would like to have. There will always be excuses of why not to be involved. I want to remind you that there are tremendous needs all around us! We recently took a group of men to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission as part of our Project Reach. Several of these men were not involved in any ministry and it was exciting to see them volunteer their time and talents to make a difference. We served in the kitchen, preparing food for the homeless as well as doing some cleaning. Next, we served at the the recycle center where the residents from the Rescue Mission have the opportunity to work a job and gain some stability in their lives. Everyone’s favorite part of volunteering was spending time with those at the Rescue Mission that had been down a very hard and dark path. It was such a blessing to see God use these men listen to and encourage those that feel like they have no hope. I wonder what we could do for the Kingdom of God if we really laid aside things that are not important in light of eternity and invest in eternal souls. Time is Short! “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;” Ecclesiastes 9:10. 




House of Refuge 2018

The New Year is off to a great start for the sponsored children at the House of Refuge. January was a time of new beginnings and in Nicaragua it means the beginning of a new school year! Did you know these facts about Nicaragua’s school attendance rates?

-      According to UNICEF, it is estimated that approximately 11% of youth have NO formal education and 26% of youth have attained at most incomplete primary education, meaning that in total 37% of 15-24 year olds have not completed primary education in Nicaragua.

-      In Nicaragua, 18% of children of official primary school ages are out of school.

Deybin is a thirteen year old young boy who is part of the House of Refuge Orphan Prevention Center. He is the only child and belongs to a family living in poverty in Leon, Nicarargua with no father around. When he was first brought to the House of Refuge, Deybin had little to no education. He could not even write his name. He did not have a desire to learn at all.

-      According to the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua, 19.8% children are out of school for both primary and lower secondary school age. Poverty usually drives children out of school and into work.

-      UNICEF representative, Philippe Barragne-Bigot, was described in The Guardian as believing that “Children drop out because of cultural norms driven by the cycle of poverty, poor-quality, lacklustre classes and the chronic lack of economic opportunities that makes school seem pointless.”

The fact that so many children drop out of school in order to join the workforce raises another concern: child labor. Nicaragua scores high in child labor. It is estimated that there are between 250,000 and 320,000 child workers in the country, with one in three under the age of 14. (Children Beyond Our Borders)

Deybin has been worked alongside with the “Tias” (Teachers) so he can have the opportunity to finish is secondary education. Through the House of Refuge, Deybin, along with the other children, have received backpacks filled with all the school supplies they need to complete their public education.

Just like Deybin, most of the children at the House of Refuge would love a chance to continue their public education because they know it will open many doors for them as they grow up and find a decent job to support them and their families. Here at the House of Refuge, we find BOTH Spiritual and Public education can help break the cycle of poverty, the chains of drug and alcohol addiction where these families have lived in through many generations, which is why it is important for the House of Refuge to receive dedicated sponsors for the children of Leon, Nicaragua.

As the second year of the House of Refuge begins, please be in prayer for each of the children at the center. Often times, we struggle with parents on the importance of school attendance. Here at the House of Refuge, we desire to make a difference in Leon.

The children were excited to receive their new backpacks and supplies and were enthused in returning back to school. As we continue to receive new sponsors, we can continue to accept new students at the House of Refuge.


There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel. Proverbs 20:15

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
– B.B. King





Who is a Missionary?

The term "Mission or Missionary" oft times automatically categorizes in our mind a singular perception.

That being; Preachers and Teachers " are only the only ones to accept their "Calling" to fulfill the responsibilities of remote or foreign evangelism. This perceived thought isolates and gives excuse to many "God Gifted and Talented " people.

          I'll admit, to enjoy God’s presence in our local churches and feel the anointing of the "Holy Ghost' is

certainly awesome. Then I realize Paul speaking in (Acts20:34-35) "Yea, Ye yourselves know, that these hands have ministered unto my necessities, and to them that were with me. I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive." 

          The Bible is filled with many great personalities of men and women who gave of themselves to build walls, dig wells, feed prophets, and secure the safety for the men of God. They were men of strength, women of integrity, who fought valiantly for the cause. Most of which never penned a letter, or gave an oratory message, yet experienced, the presence and actions of "The Almighty God". Why? Because they used what God gave them, for others!

           God gave men abilities of trades and talents to be used for the kingdom just as Preachers and Teachers. To believe otherwise would be foolish. Don't just bury, your talent or trade in your own backyard just to give back to the Lord of the servants. On return his lord called the servant "Wicked and Slothful"

           We need to look beyond our walls and not just imagine but experience the multitude of "Mission Avenues" and not miss out on being the "More Blessed". I ask you, what are your abilities? Are they buried at home?  Broaden your borders, live the challenge. Your help is always needed. 


God Bless,

Ron Coldiron




MAP Testimonial- Chuckie Hatmaker

I have successfully completed M.A.P.! The last four months of 2017 were incredible, and I was able to grow so much spiritually. The eight weeks in Nicaragua were a time when God moved in some of the most powerful ways I have experienced. In addition to our classes in Spanish, discipleship, etc., I had the opportunity to go on several weekend trips throughout the country. I was able to visit many of the churches that ALMI has in Nicaragua and establish relationships with many of the people in our mission and in their communities. While ministering in these churches God opened my eyes to knew perspectives of him I had not previously experienced firsthand.

There are so many aspects and characteristics to the mighty God we serve. Knowing God as our savior is awesome, but that is just the beginning. He yearns for us to also know him as our father, friend, healer, victory, peace, provider, shepherd, fortress, the list goes on and on. It is one thing to study about these aspects of God, but it is another thing entirely to experience God working in these capacities firsthand. I feel the Lord has shown me some of these dimensions of himself throughout my time in M.A.P. It’s one thing to read about God’s omniscience, it’s another thing when he reveals his thoughts and mysteries to you; it’s one thing to read about God’s omnipotence, it’s another thing when you feel his power flowing through you; and it’s one thing to read about his omnipresence, but it’s another thing to travel the world and see his spirit working and moving among all different kinds of people. Let us continue in the pursuit to know all of God as we serve him in the building of his kingdom.

I would also like to thank all of those who supported me in my trip to Nicaragua. I felt your prayers and greatly appreciate you for joining with me in striving for and serving the Lord. 



Operation Belize

Hello from beautiful, tropical, Belize!

My name is Michael Eaton. My wife Sheila and I have been missionaries for the last 25 years, principally in South America. 

We have been given the great honor to join the A.L.M.I. family and we couldn't be happier!  

By assignment and mutual agreement, we have been named your missionaries to Belize.

This small nation, once a British colony, is now a mixture of Jamaican, Mayan, and expats from all over the world.

English, Spanish and Créole all mixed together to confuse missionaries!

We know it's God's heart to populate Heaven with these beautiful people. 



Here is our plan to see it happen:

1. Shoring up our three churches here through preaching and training to pastors, leaders and laymen.

2. Through outreaches in their communities to youth and children. 

3. Through evangelistic services.

4. Through radio teaching and preaching. 

How can YOU help?

·       Prayer! 

·       Continued or increased support to ALIM!

·       Sharing this blog with pastors and friends!

Thank you beforehand for your help! 


God bless you! 




MAP Testimonial- Kelsie Farmer

Hi! I am excited to share with you a little bit about what I have been doing. I recently just returned from a two month trip to Nicaragua, participating in the Missionary Apprenticeship Program. It was a four month experience that included two months in the states learning about different areas of ministry and preparing for Nicaragua. During the program I learned a lot about myself and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. While I enjoyed the whole time in the program, my favorite part would have to be the two months we spent in Nicaragua.

Knowing that I loved Nicaragua, I am overjoyed to tell you all that myself along with one of the other MAP students, Cherith, will be returning to Nicaragua in June. I look forward to returning to Nicaragua to work with the young ladies of the churches and to see them really dig into their relationships with Christ. I'm excited to be ministering to them and hopefully providing encouragement for them as they continue their walk with Christ. The two months that I spent in Nicaragua were completely life changing in a way that I don't even know how to describe. I am so glad that those two months led me to returning to Nicaragua and there is nowhere else I would rather be.

I ask that you all would remember the two of us as we are preparing to go back to Nicaragua. I also ask that you would pray for our protection and that we would be used in any way that the Lord would see fit. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers and I can not wait to share more about our time in Nicaragua with you.




The Missionaries

Today, I am sitting alone in my office, thinking of the missionaries that make Abundant Life Missions International, the tool it is for the Kingdom of God. These men and women of great faith, energy, devotion, and vision are my friends and co-laborers.  I am blessed to be on the same team with them. But, they are not here with me.  We are scattered about the hemisphere, each toiling in our own field of ministry.

 I was blessed today to have the rare occasion to have a visit from two them; Bettina Long (ALMI House of Refuge Children’s Home, Leon, Nicaragua) and Amber Fouts (ALMI, Columbia, SA).  They came by to share vision and ask for direction, but the others are far off and can’t come by on a wintry day to discuss ministry. 

A few days ago, I was with Neil Simpson before he left for Guatemala. I spoke to Mike Eaton on the phone Monday. Tomorrow he leaves for Belize.  I wish we could all be together and talk, fellowship, and plan; but we can’t.  The call of God has led us to our respective fields and we are harvesters.  This “aloneness” goes with the calling.

In my devotions yesterday I read a poem:

We turn our backs upon our homes

To take a journey far,

The call of duty leads us on

To where rank strangers are.”  J.M. McCaleb

 So no, they’re not here with “kith and kin” they are gone.  They’re missionaries.


I salute our ALMI Missionaries!

Bobby Bailey – Nicaragua

Mike & Sheila Eaton - Belize

Kelsie Farmer – soon to be Nicaragua

Amber Fouts – Columbia

Brittany Hunt – House of Refuge, Nicaragua

Bettina Long – House of Refuge, Nicaragua

Jared & Vicki Myrick – Alaska

Cherith Odom – soon to be Nicaragua

Neil & Amanda Simpson - Guatemala


For the Harvest,

James A. Setser

International Director



Sola Scriptura

We Christians have been given a most cherished and treasured heritage by our predecessors, namely a passion for the Word of God.  We can be grateful for those whose steadfastness proved invaluable during times of persecution and peril.  Their unwavering faith in the Scriptures compelled these heroes to risk it all so that we might be afforded the privilege of having the Word of God in our own language to read, study and meditate upon solely of our own accord.  Now centuries on, we have, at our disposal, an overabundance of resources relating to the Word of God.  Many of us have several copies (of different versions) in our personal library, including versions in Hebrew and Greek.  We can access the Word of God by any number of Bible apps on our smart devices.  There are narrated and dramatized versions available in many different media formats; it’s as easy as watching a YouTube video.  Certainly we can say that we are exceedingly blessed to have such readily available access to the Holy Scriptures. 

Our aim in regards to our discipleship vision for the youth in ALMI has been to share this passion for the Word of God and then allow it to spread and blossom in the heart of each young person so that s/he will walk on a pure path.  “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?  By taking heed thereto according to thy word.  Psalms 119:9” This fervor for the Word of God was vital for generations past and it is indispensable for this current generation as well.  We must have a passion for God’s Holy Word! 

So, in keeping with our objectives for discipleship, and in honor of the Protestant Reformation’s 500th Anniversary this year, we chose “Sola Scriptura” as the theme for our 8th Youth Missions Summit, which was held on December 12th-14th.  To say that the event made an impact on our young people’s lives would be an understatement.  The young people left the conference filled with the Spirit of God, with a demonstrable passion and joy for the Word of God!  Each team had prepared a dramatized version of a passage from the Bible and they acted them out during the closing service.  What happened immediately following the dramatizations was a historic moment and something which underscores how precious the Word of God truly is.  Upon completion of the last group’s participation, the young people broke forth into spontaneous rejoicing with a jubilant shout.  It was like a cloudburst of joy unspeakable which God Himself poured out upon the young people!  To put it simply – it was beautiful!

intercesion 3.jpg

During the Summit the Holy Spirit spoke to each of us and called us to make or renew a commitment to the Word of God.  As we are nearing the end of 2017 and going into the New Year, it would be fitting for us all to renew our commitment to cherishing, treasuring, honoring and most importantly keeping the Word of God.  Let us make 2018 the year in which we delve deeper into the riches of the Scriptures.  Let us give priority and preeminence to reading and memorization!  If we have never read the Bible through in its entirety, this would be a good time to achieve that goal.  Undoubtedly we could do without so much entertainment, internet, Facebook, etc. in order to make time to share and experience the Word of God in a more meaningful way.  Let us be diligent in our handling of the Bible so that we may leave that same passionate legacy to our posterity; Sola Scriptura.  




You Are Not Alone

Since this is my first posting on the blog, perhaps a short introduction would be of benefit.  I am a long time pastor in southeast Georgia.  Our church has been involved in missions for many years.  Through an encounter with Bro. B. H. Clendennen and his challenge to reach our world, as well as a renewed friendship with Pastor Setser, my heart was stirred to do more for the work of God.

Fortunately, I was present during the founding stage of ALMI and was given the opportunity to participate.  The result has been tremendous, from building churches, to helping with the House of Refuge, to assisting in the development of the youth camp, as well as training ministers.  Facilities have been improved in Ohio, permitting the training of young people who desire to impact their world for God, whether in foreign missions or in some other capacity.  The journey has been a great one, and you are invited to join us.

To those who are actively engaged in this ministry, whether at home or abroad, please know that you are not alone.  We are all part of the ALMI family, and we are praying for you.  Your sacrifice and labor is not unnoticed and unappreciated.  We love you and honor you greatly.  “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”

Pastor Lawrence Butler