We Christians have been given a most cherished and treasured heritage by our predecessors, namely a passion for the Word of God.  We can be grateful for those whose steadfastness proved invaluable during times of persecution and peril.  Their unwavering faith in the Scriptures compelled these heroes to risk it all so that we might be afforded the privilege of having the Word of God in our own language to read, study and meditate upon solely of our own accord.  Now centuries on, we have, at our disposal, an overabundance of resources relating to the Word of God.  Many of us have several copies (of different versions) in our personal library, including versions in Hebrew and Greek.  We can access the Word of God by any number of Bible apps on our smart devices.  There are narrated and dramatized versions available in many different media formats; it’s as easy as watching a YouTube video.  Certainly we can say that we are exceedingly blessed to have such readily available access to the Holy Scriptures. 

Our aim in regards to our discipleship vision for the youth in ALMI has been to share this passion for the Word of God and then allow it to spread and blossom in the heart of each young person so that s/he will walk on a pure path.  “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?  By taking heed thereto according to thy word.  Psalms 119:9” This fervor for the Word of God was vital for generations past and it is indispensable for this current generation as well.  We must have a passion for God’s Holy Word! 

So, in keeping with our objectives for discipleship, and in honor of the Protestant Reformation’s 500th Anniversary this year, we chose “Sola Scriptura” as the theme for our 8th Youth Missions Summit, which was held on December 12th-14th.  To say that the event made an impact on our young people’s lives would be an understatement.  The young people left the conference filled with the Spirit of God, with a demonstrable passion and joy for the Word of God!  Each team had prepared a dramatized version of a passage from the Bible and they acted them out during the closing service.  What happened immediately following the dramatizations was a historic moment and something which underscores how precious the Word of God truly is.  Upon completion of the last group’s participation, the young people broke forth into spontaneous rejoicing with a jubilant shout.  It was like a cloudburst of joy unspeakable which God Himself poured out upon the young people!  To put it simply – it was beautiful!

intercesion 3.jpg

During the Summit the Holy Spirit spoke to each of us and called us to make or renew a commitment to the Word of God.  As we are nearing the end of 2017 and going into the New Year, it would be fitting for us all to renew our commitment to cherishing, treasuring, honoring and most importantly keeping the Word of God.  Let us make 2018 the year in which we delve deeper into the riches of the Scriptures.  Let us give priority and preeminence to reading and memorization!  If we have never read the Bible through in its entirety, this would be a good time to achieve that goal.  Undoubtedly we could do without so much entertainment, internet, Facebook, etc. in order to make time to share and experience the Word of God in a more meaningful way.  Let us be diligent in our handling of the Bible so that we may leave that same passionate legacy to our posterity; Sola Scriptura.