In a few weeks, it will have been two years since Terry Phillips, ALMI Director for the country of Belize, passed away.  We were gathering in the border town of Melchor, Guatemala, to host a joint Belize/Guatemala ministers conference.  The night before the conference Terry suffered a fatal heart attack. He left this world doing what he best loved; ministering to ministers in Third-World countries.

 ALMI/Belize lost a leader.  The twenty-four months since his passing has left a huge hole to fill in the leadership and progress of our churches in the country.  When Terry passed, he was completing a church project in the town of Orange Walk and had purchased property for two other church plants; Billy White and Calle Creek.

The church construction at Billy White has made modest progress with the help of a few of Terry’s consistent supporters (his father, E.L. Phillips has been a wonderful supporter).  The church has completed a small parsonage for their pastor on the property and the foundation and first rows of block have been laid. 

I am happy to announce that in the last few weeks I have had three churches offer to assist these two projects.  They are currently raising funds to see these two churches have worship facilities.  We hope to see both projects completed in this calendar year.  Terry’s seed is now reaping a harvest!

 Jim Setser

ALMI/International Director