Winter in the interior of Alaska can be somewhat grueling at times. We are now in our fourth winter here, which doesn't seem possible that we've been here that long! The first winter we were here, we experienced temperatures in the negative fifties. If you've never experienced extremely cold weather like that, be thankful! Just walking from the parsonage to the church, which is about 20 yards, makes your lungs feel like they are shutting down.

Spring and fall are each about two weeks long. We basically have summer and winter. Summer months are packed full of activities to get ready for, you guessed it, WINTER! Winter in it's very definition means "cold season"! All over the state people are fishing, growing gardens, gathering berries, and hunting, during the small gap of summer to make sure they have everything they need to get them through the dark, cold winter months. 

When it's so very cold outside and you can't really go anywhere because the wind freezes your face and your car doesn't want to start, even after being plugged in for days. When it does start to drive anywhere it’s nearly impossible because the air in your tires is frozen! Why am I painting such a dark, bleak picture? For this reason, to ask the question, Are we really making a difference in the "cold season?" The answer we believe is yes!! 

Before we even came to Alaska, God birthed a scripture in our spirits found in Acts 26:18, which says "To turn them from darkness to light." We have seen some of the greatest victories in the winter! In those times where it would seem impossible for any spiritual growth to happen, it has! We have seen the scripture that God had made so very real to us, so many years ago come to life. He is turning them from darkness to light! 

We are desperately seeking God for revival for the people of Alaska! We know He wants to send it, even in the "cold season"! Please continue to pray with us for the greatest outpouring of the Spirit, this state has ever seen!