On 3 March, Missionary Mike Eaton arrived in Belize City to join the ALMI ministry team of Lawrence Butler, Jim Setser and Neil Simpson.  In the next several days Mike was shown each of our Belize churches and met their pastors, taught in the joint GUA/BLZ Ministers Conference, traveled and ministered with Neil in a few of our Guatemala churches, and spent days tutoring our Belizean pastors.

Mike has been a missionary with the Church of God for twenty-five years.  He and his wife Sheila have served primarily in South America.  There they have lived and ministered in Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.   In Central America, they served as Directors of an orphanage in the capitol city of Managua.  They have also served the COG as pastors of a Hispanic congregation in Germany.

It was great to have our pastors glean from his years of experience in Central and South America.  Mike poured into them with his teaching, preaching and one-on-one tutoring.  Our leaders were grateful for his down-to-earth practical knowledge and anointed impartation.  Their only question was, “When is he coming back to help us again?”  We hope soon!