It has been a very busy time here in the House of Refuge. We thankfully have our new permit from the Ministry of Family. This is not easily attained, but we thank Him for His favor. Now we are planning and organizing the admittance of the children we had on our waiting list. There is a lot to plan with these new children coming, and we have been gathering information about them and their families so we can be most effective.

The Ministry of Family brought a case to our attention of two children that they want us to take in right away. Their case breaks my heart and I just can not fathom what these children face in their lives. The situation is that the mom owns a small plastic house, where she and her 5 children live. The father was placed in jail for stealing. The mom has left her children alone in the plastic house in order to live with her new boyfriend. The children have been fending for themselves, except for the smallest child who is 4 years-old, whom she took with her. The oldest brother, 22, has been fighting to attain food for his younger two siblings (7 and 12), but most of the time the kids are left to the streets.

It’s hard cases like these that break my heart, and remind me of why I have been called. I am so thankful for the experience to try and extend an arm of opportunity to the children living in situations like these, that they may have some chance of an alternative of life.

We had a wonderful devotional at our center last week. The presence of almighty God came down so sweetly and many were crying as they prayed. The children were around us and they witnessed that the environment changed. It was amazing to see some of our most difficult and bad behaved children hush at the presence of God. I love the moments when God comes down in our devotions and church services, when He touches hearts all around. It is obvious that no one can touch a heart like the presence of almighty God. My greatest desire and prayer is that the children know God and hunger for Him.

Please keep us in your prayers, as we bring in more children. If you are reading this and God is touching your heart to support a child, please email us at Your support goes a long way with in the work of caring for the virtually abandoned children of Nicaragua.

Bettina Long

International Director- House of Refuge