God sometimes demands things of us, one of those is to love and show empathy to those around us, to build relationships. At times, He permits certain moments to grab our hearts and squeeze it. So had God done so one particular day, when I was busy getting ready for our doctor exams, among other daily office work. I had been meaning to take a sibling group to get their hair cut because their caretaker had informed me of them having lice. The time seemed appropriate this day to get that checked off the list. Also, the kids loved to hug me and mentally I couldn’t help stop scratching my head.

God stopped me from thinking of my list of things to do this day at the barber shop and stopped my heart to see this little boy like I was looking him at the first time. We are so busy focused on productivity that we are not really productive. Productivity is not always productive. I found Holy Spirit speaking to me and demanding my attention at the barber shop. Urging me to put myself in a little boy’s shoes. He sat there, a boy of 9, being too small for the adult sized chair, propped up on an old wooden plank. Feet dangling, I noticed that he had a huge hole on the side of his shoe.


The Holy Spirit used that to call my attention to him, I felt broken by the look of the little boy’s face that told so much. I began to look over him, his tattered dirty clothes, a solemn look of unpretentiousness, and dirty little feet. I tried to hold back the tears as the Holy Spirit rehearsed the case of the boy. His father in prison, the mother had left him and his other two brothers to fend for themselves. The older brother driving a tricycle, carrying people to and from for a few pesos, many times them going without food. They all live together huddled in a small, thrown together shack with no real source of water or substantial shelter. It broke me to imagine a mother that would be so selfish to leave her children to be with her sugar daddy in another barrio over.

These moments make me want to grab those boys and hug them, never let them go. If I could only take away their pain and bottle it up and throw it away. These cases of these children cause me to think of how blessed my niece is and so many other children that have parents and grandparents that love and dote on them. Here, I see so many children that lack the love of someone. I then cry to God to help me to express Him more than before to these little ones, and to put myself in their shoes and see life through their eyes.