One part of ALMI’s ministry is undertaking construction projects.  Since 2005 we have constructed churches, parsonages, an orphanage, learning centers, and a youth camp tabernacle.

Our approach to projects is very simple:

  • We see the need (as in a congregation without a building).
  • We assess what type of building is needed based on the demographics.
  • Once it is made an “official project,” we make the need known to our partners in the ALMI network and cover the project with prayer.
  • The miracle begins to take shape when an individual or church steps up and says they would like to sponsor the project.  They then begin raising the necessary funds.
  • Once the funds are sent to the ALMI office we release them incrementally to the project.
  • When the project is completed we ask if the sponsoring church or individual would like to attend the dedication.

When we entered 2017, ALMI had two projects that were approved:

1.     A church project for the congregation at the Billy White community in Belize.

2.     Missionary Bobby Bailey’s house to be built on the youth camp grounds in San Ramone, Nicaragua.

This Week!

This week we received a check from Redemption Christian Tabernacle, Pastor Todd Hoskins, for $15,000.  This is the entire amount to complete the Billy White church construction! 

Secondly, before our Sunday evening service this week, one of my men stepped in my office and asked how the “Bobby Bailey House Project” was doing.  My reply was something like, “Well, it’s not doing.  We have no sponsors yet.”  This brother sat down and wrote a check for $5,000 and said for us to get it started!  Amen!  That is one third of the cost of Bobby’s house.  If anyone would like to help on this project, contact our office or simply mail your donation and mark it Bobby’s House!

That’s who the work of God gets accomplished.  Some go, some send, we all get to participate in the Last Day Harvest.


Jim Setser

ALMI Office


9440 Eby Rd Germantown, OH 45327