This week Kim and I are celebrating out fortieth anniversary; both as a married couple and as Pastors of Abundant Life Tabernacle.  There has been much reminiscing as we prepare to celebrate with our church at a banquet in our honor.

My mind also has gone back to the thirty-eight years of mission ministry.  Wow, what a thrilling journey of World Evangelism it has been!  Here are a few highlights.

  • Hearing Bill Burkett for the first time in 1977 as he told of his work behind the Iron Curtain.

  • My first mission trip in 1979 when L.L. Collins, Terry Phillips and I travelled to Romania and Poland utilizing connections provided by Burkett.

  • Hosting K.A. Smith at Abundant Life Tabernacle as one of our first missionaries I could bring before the congregation.  He consistently urged me to come to Central America.

  • The many work trips I arranged for men in my church to go and assist Smith in his work to build a Bible School at Los Alamos, Guatemala.

  • The doors that opened with cabinet ministers within the government of Guatemala that culminated in an invitation to meet personally with the President of Guatemala.

  • The war years of 1980’s in Central America.  Those trips, some of which were fraught with danger in the guerrilla affected areas of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

  • The large groups of young people I was blessed to guide on their first ever mission trips.

  • The blessing of working beside the great jungle missionary, Charles Craft.  Those trips in the 4X4 F250 Ford pickup on those muddy jungle trails were great: now years later…

  • The 10 years of preaching Bible School graduations in Honduras.

  • The founding of Abundant Life Missions in 2005.

  • The churches, parsonages, orphanage and youth camp we have been blessed to build.

  • The wonderful young missionaries we have released into the field.

  • Seeing our Missionary Apprenticeship Program birthed.

  • The wonderful miracles I have witnessed in this walk of faith.

  • Most of all, the lives that have been added to the Kingdom!

I am one blessed Pastor/Missionary!

Jim Setser