Today, I am sitting alone in my office, thinking of the missionaries that make Abundant Life Missions International, the tool it is for the Kingdom of God. These men and women of great faith, energy, devotion, and vision are my friends and co-laborers.  I am blessed to be on the same team with them. But, they are not here with me.  We are scattered about the hemisphere, each toiling in our own field of ministry.

 I was blessed today to have the rare occasion to have a visit from two them; Bettina Long (ALMI House of Refuge Children’s Home, Leon, Nicaragua) and Amber Fouts (ALMI, Columbia, SA).  They came by to share vision and ask for direction, but the others are far off and can’t come by on a wintry day to discuss ministry. 

A few days ago, I was with Neil Simpson before he left for Guatemala. I spoke to Mike Eaton on the phone Monday. Tomorrow he leaves for Belize.  I wish we could all be together and talk, fellowship, and plan; but we can’t.  The call of God has led us to our respective fields and we are harvesters.  This “aloneness” goes with the calling.

In my devotions yesterday I read a poem:

We turn our backs upon our homes

To take a journey far,

The call of duty leads us on

To where rank strangers are.”  J.M. McCaleb

 So no, they’re not here with “kith and kin” they are gone.  They’re missionaries.


I salute our ALMI Missionaries!

Bobby Bailey – Nicaragua

Mike & Sheila Eaton - Belize

Kelsie Farmer – soon to be Nicaragua

Amber Fouts – Columbia

Brittany Hunt – House of Refuge, Nicaragua

Bettina Long – House of Refuge, Nicaragua

Jared & Vicki Myrick – Alaska

Cherith Odom – soon to be Nicaragua

Neil & Amanda Simpson - Guatemala


For the Harvest,

James A. Setser

International Director