I have successfully completed M.A.P.! The last four months of 2017 were incredible, and I was able to grow so much spiritually. The eight weeks in Nicaragua were a time when God moved in some of the most powerful ways I have experienced. In addition to our classes in Spanish, discipleship, etc., I had the opportunity to go on several weekend trips throughout the country. I was able to visit many of the churches that ALMI has in Nicaragua and establish relationships with many of the people in our mission and in their communities. While ministering in these churches God opened my eyes to knew perspectives of him I had not previously experienced firsthand.

There are so many aspects and characteristics to the mighty God we serve. Knowing God as our savior is awesome, but that is just the beginning. He yearns for us to also know him as our father, friend, healer, victory, peace, provider, shepherd, fortress, the list goes on and on. It is one thing to study about these aspects of God, but it is another thing entirely to experience God working in these capacities firsthand. I feel the Lord has shown me some of these dimensions of himself throughout my time in M.A.P. It’s one thing to read about God’s omniscience, it’s another thing when he reveals his thoughts and mysteries to you; it’s one thing to read about God’s omnipotence, it’s another thing when you feel his power flowing through you; and it’s one thing to read about his omnipresence, but it’s another thing to travel the world and see his spirit working and moving among all different kinds of people. Let us continue in the pursuit to know all of God as we serve him in the building of his kingdom.

I would also like to thank all of those who supported me in my trip to Nicaragua. I felt your prayers and greatly appreciate you for joining with me in striving for and serving the Lord.