It was such a privilege to get to visit the Abundant Life churches in Guatemala and Belize and encourage the churches there! Shelby Lawson accompanied me on the first part of the trip, and she was a great help making puppets and designing puppet stages to leave with the churches in Belize. 

Some young people from our mission in Nicaragua came to help me on the last part of my trip: Jaime, one of my Colombia team members, his sister Valeska, and cousin, Yorling. They were not only a great help and blessing to me and the churches in Guatemala and Belize, but it was also a blessing for them to have a break from the current political situation in Nicaragua for a couple weeks. I believe they will go back to their church refreshed and recharged.

On the trip I was able to minister in 19 services at eight churches and a school. At the school, Shelby and I presented the Gospel through a Kekchi translator to indigenous children who had most likely never heard it or been in a church service. At a kids’ service in San Juan, several unchurched adults arrived to bring their kids, and God opened the door to share the Gospel with them and explain how to have a relationship with Christ. I also had the opportunity to be on the radio in Guatemala and share a testimony of how God blessed a college project I did and miraculously allowed me to purchase and send 2,000 Bibles to Nicaragua. It had been one of my secret desires to share that miracle on the radio in Latin America, and the Lord fulfilled it!

Also on this trip, we were able to visit the churches in Belize on two occasions, and saw how God is really moving there among the young people! We had a special service dedicated to seeking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the youth all came forward to seek. The Holy Spirit fell on our Nicaraguan young people, and they spoke in tongues and shouted more than I’ve ever seen them before. I believe God used them to be examples for the youth in Belize so they could see the Holy Spirit moving on other young people and want it for themselves. I’m thankful for the opportunity we had to visit and experience what wonderful things God is doing in Belize and Guatemala!


Amber Fouts