1 Corinthians 16:9- "For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries."

1.     Immense Open Doors for Last Day Evangelism

As never before, opportunistic doors are open for evangelism.  From Alaska to Costa Rica, wherever ALMI ministers, we are finding that these troublesome times have opened the minds and hearts of the masses to our Christ.  New Testament prophecy declares that everything from natural disasters to the proliferation of iniquity will put great pressure of society.  It has never been more evident!  We MUST take advantage of this pressure and point people to the Savior.  They are ready and willing to listen, we need the manpower and finances to proclaim the Gospel…now!  Please pray for every ALMI missionary and our MAP students.  They need your intercessory prayers that they may recognize and walk through the open doors of evangelism.  I call our supporters to prayer.  Prayer opens doors previously shut, propels our missionaries into places and people groups that are ready and waiting, and powerfully anoints the messengers.  Please Pray.


2.     Powerful and Numerous Adversaries

Just as Paul encountered numerous adversaries, so to does every missionary working under the ALMI banner.  In the last few weeks we have encountered:

·      Strange sicknesses and infirmities

·      Attacks that have stressed our financial resources.

·      In Nicaragua, a governmental stance that is antagonistic to mission work.

·      New national rules and regulations that are very onerous for the mission.

         These and many other adversaries have been released to hinder the Last Day Harvest.    


             We must pray!  I call all of you to intense intercessory prayer that our mission be not

             slowed or side-tracked by these attacks.  Pray the prayer of Isaiah (Isa. 54:17) that the

             weapons aimed against us will be destroyed and rendered harmless.   PRAY!




                                          Bobby Bailey                              Amber Fout

                                          Bettina Long                              Brittany Hunt

           Jared & Vicki Myrick                        Josh Lindsey

                                    Neil & Amanda Simpson                  Shea Redmon


James A. Setser

ALMI International Director