Currently, I am in the US, and I have been very busy. I miss the children in the House of Refuge, and wonder how they are, and what kind of mischief they are getting into. I am having a much needed time of rest and regrouping.

What I can not seem to shake as I have been back is… a cry. Many times as I am going about my day or in church services or times of meditation, a cry echoes in my spirit. The cry for the hurting children of our world.

I recall the stories of our kids at HOR, and all the that was against them. I then wonder, how many more kids are there suffering as our kids in the House of Refuge? The multitudes of children in this world that must have stories as or worse than the children we help at HOR.

It’s a cry of the hurting, the lonely child who has none present to defend them. It’s a cry that they go to sleep by night after night. No one to hear their cry. No one to act. No one to plead on their behalf. I keep hearing this cry, and can no seem to shake it.

These cries stir me and cause me to seek and plead God, “Give me these children, or I die!” I am left wandering how and when will we act? How do we comfort them? I am left for one answer at present and a promise for the future… Intercession for now, and “I will direct you in time.”

Please pray for all orphaned and defenseless children of our world and community. If its in your power to reach out and do something, please ACT!!!


Bettina Long

House of Refuge Director