This trip back to the U.S. has been a great blessing! We have now been in the states for sometime and are excited to return to our home in Guatemala. We have been delayed in the process of obtaining residency but now all the paperwork is coming together and we will be returning to serve very shortly. We have met so many new brothers and sisters in Christ that share the same burden to reach the world. Many have been praying for an opportunity to be involved in missions. Many are reviving their zeal that God had placed in their hearts and it is wonderful to see. Sharing stories of ministry and the burdens with many American churches always brings a refreshing to our hearts. We cannot express how thankful we are for those who pray, send, and support. 

While being in the states we are hearing many good reports of the mission in Guatemala. They are seeking God for revival that continues to grow in their hearts. We communicate with them often to find them holding prayer meetings or bible studies. They are encouraged! They have a true sense of what it is to wait upon the Lord. It has been a great test to continue on without their pastors but they have displayed a Christian life that consist only in Christ Jesus. Much of the services are with out music and comforts that we enjoy in America. Yet their hearts are filled with a resurrected life. We are overjoyed to present the church with so many blessings that we have received including a guitar, electric drums, and finances for the needs of the ministry! A few members of our church had been asking the Lord for a guitar that they may begin to take more of a role in worship. This has been provided by God's people who knew nothing of the need except that God said give them an instrument to play. Our Lord is faithful to hear.

It has been wonderful to see so many friends and family in this time. Yet it is difficult being away from our brothers of Guatemala. We now can understand something of the heart of Jesus for his church. Just as we long to return to the work of Guatemala, we believe so does our Lord long for his church in all the world. Hebrews 7:25Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. There is a groaning in the heart of Christ for his church. A desire to see her face to face. As we have felt in our heart the urgency to return to the work as soon as possible that we may care for them and watch over them. So it is with Christ and his church. He longs to return in clouds of glory and power. At any moment we shall see him for who he is and we shall be like him. In our prayer we find ourselves in intercession for the church of Guatemala. Not that God would only bless them but that he would send us back and bless them thru us. That we again can yoke ourselves with them in this work.

E.M. Bounds said," In the kingdom of God we are to be the breath of God on a situation that threatens to become a corpse." Your purpose in life is to let Christ live. Make him known in this world. We are always challenged by the hunger, discipline, and desire of our brothers of Guatemala. They challenge is to pray harder, to work harder, and to surrender more. In this time of preparation we have had many wonderful private discussions with people that have said "There has to be more for my life!" This is exactly what God desires for us. I recently heard a message that said our biggest sin is our comfort zone. We must step out and walk in the will of God wherever he leads. This may be in foreign missions, witnessing to your neighbors, or talking to the cashier. Taking on the burden of prayer and interceding for the lost is a great way to step out of that place of comfort. God is saying "step out and trust me!"

We desire your prayers. There is a real enemy who desires to destroy the work which God has started. But, He is faithful to complete that which he said he would do. God bless you as you work with him.

UPDATE: All of our papers have arrived for us to begin applying for residency in Guatemala. We are flying back this week! We are excited to get back to the brothers and sisters and the call that the Lord has placed us in. We trust in Him, who is able to keep us and do the work thru us. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel the next few days. Pray for safety and that we will be effective in the ministry. Thank you all for opening your churches, homes and hearts to us. And of course thanks for the support. We are so blessed!


Written by: Neil & Amanda Simpson- Missionaries to Guatemala