The last several months have been packed full of blessings and new opportunities. 

July 26th, we welcomed our twin boys into the world. Harrison Glen and Grant Charles were born in Fairbanks. We are still in awe that God blessed us with these two little miracles. We have seen the hand of God working in their lives from the very beginning and we know He has amazing things in store for these two world changers! 

The last week in August, we welcomed Bro. and Sis. Randy Perry and a wonderful team from Oklahoma. We traveled to the villages of Northway and Tannacross. We distributed Bibles, tracts and school supplies to the native children. We were also able to make other ministry plans in these villages for the near future. Tom and Jean Teasdale are the pastors in Northway. They hosted a native dinner which included, moose, salmon and a native white fish. It was excellent! 

We also visited Tannacross and met with Pastor Keith Aschenbeck. Some of the team sung songs and ministered at the church. While they sang, a native man, Gaylon, began to sing about a wagon wheel at the top of his lungs. He was completely drunk at 11am. Pastor Keith shared with our team that just a few short weeks before, Gaylon was doing very well. He had a great job and was serving the Lord. After hearing of a tragic death of a friend in Anchorage, he has fallen back into this alcoholic lifestyle. Alcohol has such a stronghold on the people in Alaska. Please pray for Gaylon that Lord would bring deliverance, healing and peace into his life!

The team was also in Delta Junction with us for several days. The men helped build a wall to create two rooms out of a large one in the basement of the church. Now, we have a much needed nursery. The ladies helped with the twins, which was a huge blessing to Vicki. They also blessed us with five boxes of diapers! We enjoyed having them in service ministering in song and encouraging the people. 

God has been so faithful to us in our personal life and in our ministry here in Alaska. Sometimes, ministry doesn't look the way we think it should, but His ways are always higher than our ways. We are learning to completely rely on Him and He has taken care of every need, every time. We are excited to see where else this adventure takes us! Please continue to pray for Alaska and our family.