I am a quiet, sincere hearted 9 year old boy who knows everything that is going on. Ask me who said and did what and I will tell you the whole story. This year my grandmother had taken me and my brother to the capital of Managua without my mom knowing, but that's not to hard to do because my mom only comes home to see me and my brothers about once a week. When my brother had got into some trouble in Managua, my grandmother sent us back home to Leon and since I was not attending school here the school did not want to take me back. Thankfully at the House of Refuge I am receiving educational reinforcement classes to help me to not get behind for the next school year.

I do have a little street attitude and demeanour because that is where I have been raised or rather raised myself. When my father went to prison, my mom abandoned me and my brothers for her “other man,” taking our youngest brother with her. We see her on a average one time a week. I may have a mother and father in this world, but I have not had a parent. There has not been any authority figure and model in my life and because of this it is hard for me to take any kind of discipline. The House of Refuge staff has had their hands full with me at times, but I am conforming and submitting to authority better each day. Deep down what I am crying for is someone to care about me and be there for me. Deep down I really do want rules and limits because I covet the safety that exists within boundaries. At the center I find this sense of security and care. People here really do seem to care about me.

Please pray for me and my family. I really wish to know more about the Jesus that I see so many serve at the House of Refuge, but I have yet to make the decision to surrender all to Him. Thank you for caring enough to sponsoring me and making an impact in my life. I hope to hear from you soon in letters and emails.