Nicaragua National Convention

The 2017 Nicaragua National Convention (January 17-19) was blessed with tremendous unity and anointing.  The ALMI pastors, evangelists, and missionaries gathered from around the country for three days and nights of the most important collective meeting of the year. 


One of the most important elements of our National Convention is the two and half days of teaching.  This year’s teaching included:

·      Pastor/Missionary Vernon Jarvis - “Pentecostal Distinctive”

·      Missionary Bobby Bailey - “ALMI Statement of Faith”

·      Pastor Luis Vargas – “ALMI Statement of Faith”

·      Missionary Harry Greaves – “The Pastor’s Responsibility”

·      Pastor/Missionary Jim Setser – “Bitterness & Un-forgiveness”


Our evening services were powerful and brought a unity among the ministers that was unequaled thus far.  The men and women of God spent long meaningful periods of time each night praying with each other around the altars.  H. Greaves brought the opening night’s message; Bobby Bailey the second evening’s Word, and the last evening V. Jarvis and J. Setser delivered a charge to the newly installed National Board.  This new board received the charges and then a great mantle of prayer enveloped the entire group of ministers.  The next hour was filled with prayer, praise and worship, and a new bond of fellowship.