It all started when...

I am a 6 year old that loves to be heard and quickly forms relationships with people. My older sister was abused by my biological father. Ever since then local authorities have been visiting us frequently and sent us to the House of Refuge. My mom has a hard time keeping up with us kids especially since my dad is no longer in our lives. She has to work during the day in order to keep us going as a family. My mom doesn’t always take responsibility as a mom. She seems to place the blame on others and on me and my siblings for not doing what we are suppose to. There are many times we didn’t go to school because we didn’t have anyone to tell us to go. We would stay home many times and go around in the street doing what we liked.

Now that we have been at the House of Refuge there are people who look after us. They are there checking in with our school teachers, making sure we are attending school. At the House of Refuge there is a social coordinator and psychologist that counsels and talks with my mom. They try to talk with her about her not taking responsibility and having a victim mentality of laying the blame on other people, including her children, for her problems. Through the therapies and counselling of the whole team at the center, my family is receiving the help they need in this very desperate time. They have prevented me and my siblings from being left to the streets and virtually raising ourselves. Please pray for my mom that God would heal her emotional wounds and become a responsible, loving mother that looks after me and my sisters.