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I am a young boy of 6 years of age. I love to color and play with my two older brothers. You will not hear any problems out of me; I love to play quietly with the toys here at the House of Refuge. Although it takes some time for ME to warm up to people, once I do, you are my friend forever.

I love my new shoes and clothes that they have given me. When I came to the center the first day, my feet were very dirty and my shoes smelled quite terrible. My clothes looked like they had never been washed and were seen with holes in them.

His mother is in her early 20's with three children total. Frequently, she is away from the home and me and my brothers, leaving us to her drunken and abusive brother. Our uncle has two boys and a wife who barely cares for her own two children.

We have suffered verbal and physical abuse from our uncle. The blunt, cruel reality is that we have to look out for ourselves. When our mother does come home, she is focused on herself and her phone. We have reported authorities that at times we don't even know if our mother is home. She doesn't ask how we are or greet us after her return from work. Other times when our mom returns, she quickly gets "dolled up" and leaves for town to party and get drunk. Please pray that God will watch over us and that our mom with become a mom to us that we desire.