Present Needs


2. Sponsors for Caregivers/Staff - It is always easier to raise money for a neglected child here at the Center; however, it come become difficult trying to raise funds for those that help care for them. Our Staff is AMAZING and deserve the monthly support needed.  


4. Training for Staff - In order to keep our teachers up-to-date in caring for neglected children and behavioral issues, we are wanting to raise funds in order to provided this training for them. An extra $300 would help provide this very important training.


6. New Kitchen Cabinets- We need $1000 in order to complete this project.

Café Entero- HOR.png

8. Extra Curricular Activities for the Children - We currently have placed the children in a few extracurricular classes in order to keep them interested in coming to the center and improve their self-esteem.

  • TaeKwonDo- $17 per student OR $85 a month
  • Music classes | Drum and Piano lessons -     $80 a month
  • Highly Trained Tutor - $ 80 a month

1. Helping Children is our #1


3. Missions Vehicle - Due to the growing number of children, the necessity for a vehicle is rising. A truck would be very beneficial to have for gathering all the materials needed for the children weekly as well as going on special outings.


5. HOR Maintainance Needs - During this rainy season, we have come across many water leaks. We are needing to fix these issues before they become a major and very expensive issue. $1000 would help alleviate these problems.


Self-Sustaining projects- Coffee Sales

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8. Piano - $150  

Microphones - $35 a piece 

Needed for lessons and services.


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