I am a sweet, quiet natured 12 year old with dark rich black hair. My inherited, chronic kidney disease makes it hard for me at times. I have to take medications and see a kidney specialist often. My older sister died last year from the same kidney disease that I have. This scares me. My mom doesn’t live with me because she prefers living with her boyfriend at a farm in the country. I sleep with my grandmother. There are uncles of mine that live with us too that are drug addicts. They can cause potential harm to me when under the influence.

My elderly grandmother and my mom are not around all the time. I have no parental guidance to make me do what is good for me. Many times I don’t go to school because I don’t want to and no one makes me. So I then go to the street and there are only bad influences there. A good influence in my life is something I lack and greatly need.

Since coming to the House of Refuge, I have been receiving medical care and watch over my kidneys. They make sure I get the medication needed for me to live a healthy life. A Social Coordinator visits our house often, counselling my grandmother and my mom when she is around, making them aware of my specific risks. My caretaker in the House of Refuge goes to my school and ask my teacher about me. These check ups are a way to monitor my school attendance and grades. Whenever I don’t go, I know someone at the House of Refuge will know about it. This encourages me to goes like I am supposed to. Knowing someone cares about my future now is awesome.

Please pray for me and my family. I really wish to know more about the Jesus that I see so many serve at the House of Refuge, but I have yet to make the decision to surrender all to Him. Thank you for caring enough to sponsoring me and making an impact in my life.