House of Refuge Children's Home

Orphan Prevention


Our vision is to impact the life of the virtually abandoned child; to see that the dysfunctional life cycle, by which the kingdom of darkness has had them bound, is broken. To see youth empowered by the power of Christ, to live a life of meaning and purpose. That families of said children are restored to a state of wholeness, with aptness to be a responsible Kingdom-minded family. To create an environment of security, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment and with the highest level of education possible provided. That a hope for a bright future in Christ Jesus is communicated, whereby all deeply realize their true value and reach their fullest potential.  


Meet the staff


Bettina Long- Director

Bettina was born in a little town of Ohio. She graduated from Miami University in Ohio as a Registered Nurse in 2012. The fall of 2014 Bettina went full time as a missionary and accepted a position as Missions Director for Still Hope Inc. Nicaragua. After resigning her position with Still Hope, she was offered the position as International Director of the House of Refuge ministry in Leon, Nicaragua. We opened the children’s home in March of 2016, where we started with 10 children, Today we have 26 children and continue to grow. The numbers alone are not the victory, but the victory is seeing children in a place of REFUGE with HOPE for tomorrow in Christ.

Midiam Mendoza- Assistant Director

Midiam del Pilar Mendoza Torres, the House of Refuge National Local Director, was born in Leon, Nicaragua in 1990. In 2009 she was born into the family of God and received the Lord Jesus Christ as her only Lord and Savior at the age of 19. On December 20, 2009, she was baptized. From that moment, Midiam began working faithfully through preaching and supporting the work of God in any way she could. Midiam is a 2013 year graduate of a local Leon, Nicaragua University, where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration. In January 2016, Midiam was introduced to Bettina Long through a local pastor, it was at this moment that Midiam was given the opportunity to work in the House of Refuge, Children's Prevention Center. She enjoys the privilege and the chance to share Christ to all the children who enter the door of the House of Refuge. 


Brittany Hunt- Assistant to the Director

Brittany was born into a Christian home. Brittany has been very involved with young people at her church since she was 18. She graduated from University of North Carolina in Wilmington with a bachelor’s degree and went to work for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. In 2012 her father took her on her first missions trip to Trinidad. This sparked the calling God was placing on her life. Brittany accepted the calling as a missionary in 2013 and has since then travelled to Nicaragua, several times, Jamaica and Uganda. Brittany felt led to join the Missionary Apprenticeship Program (MAP) journey. After 4 months of training, she has accepted the opportunity to work with Abundant Life Missions International at the House of Refuge Children's Home in León, Nicaragua.