Missionary Apprenticeship Program

ALMI’s Missionary Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is a cutting edge program in which students will have the opportunity to sit under instructors who are “active duty” ministers currently involved in the Last Day World Harvest. Students also have the advantage of small class sizes, one on one mentorship, and the opportunity to be placed after completion of the program. However, more than hands-on training, and missionary field experience, it is the desire of MAP to take students on a life-changing spiritual journey. Therefore, students will take classes on discerning their spiritual giftedness, as well as receive powerful emphasis on prayer and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 


The Bible has one unified message from Genesis to Revelation, that those of us who are blessed with the knowledge of the love of God and the salvation that the death and resurrection of Christ gave us, should spread that blessing to all peoples of the earth. To do any different is to disobey the direct commands of God Himself. Many are called to go, and many are called to send and support those who go through prayer and finances, but there is no one exempt from involvement in this command to make disciples of all nations.

God will do it. There will be a representative from every nation, tribe, people, and language bowing and worshipping at His feet. Heaven is multicultural. God is a missionary God, and from cover to cover He is showing us His mission. Will you join Him in bringing a representative from every people group to His throne? It will happen, the only question is will you be a part? 

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Abundant Life Missions International birthed the Missionary Apprenticeship Program to empower the next generation of revivalists to see the world changed. Equipping students to see signs, miracles, and wonders among every tribe, tongue, and nation. Will you take the challenge, and commit to go on a life changing journey to help impact the world?