2017 Program Dates:

  • Program beings on August 14th, 2017

** All 4 months (stateside & field experience) are REQUIRED for all students.



Field Experience: $2,000

Included in cost:

 Tuition                                        Room & board                        Traveler’s Insurance            Transportation                          Ministry Trips
 Evangelism Opportunities
 Course Materials

Stateside: $2,000

Included in cost:

  Tuition                                                                         Food                                                                   Housing                                                                   Travel                                                                 Ministry Trips
Evangelism Opportunities
Course Materials


Expenses NOT  Included:

Personal and recreational expenses
Food not on the program’s menu
Personal transportation expenses*
Incidental expenses (entry tax**)
Daytime excursions organized by MAP


* Transportation or bus fare to and from special ministry assignments is included in the program’s tuition.  However, transportation expenses for personal or recreational purposes and for travel around town to do evangelism will be at the cost of the apprentice.  
** Entry Tax is $10 and will be paid in customs upon arrival.